Monday, May 23, 2011

All about sheep...and more sheep.

Was messing around with the sheep from Lettering Delights that are in the Nativity mini set. A friend had asked how hard it would be to just cut the head separately to pop it up on was oh so simple because I had redrawn the sheep in Illustrator so I could do it as a print and cut. Thinking I wanted to make a card NOW with the sheep and not wait for a Christmas card...I made two sheep cards.

The first one I wanted to make I wanted a special little embellishment with a "Thanks" message in it so I made a little oval with flowers at the end. Then I thought maybe others might be interested in how to make a quick embellishment so I did another video. Don't forget to click to watch it on YouTube so the screen is larger.

And here are the two sheep cards...

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  1. Cute project! I used this set to make something similar, an Easter treat bag. It was fun for the kids to put them together, you can see them here: