Friday, November 18, 2011

New Cutter...Zing Joins my Cutter Family

Just got my Zing a few days ago and since this is  card class week I haven't had a chance to do much of anything but hook it up. Could be some Zing videos in my future but I am much more familiar with Silhouette Studio so don't hold your breath. There are so many Make-The-Cut experts that I would hesitate to offer much advice but you never know.

Several people asked why I didn't buy the new Silhouette Cameo with the wider cutting area instead of buying the Zing. Well, the Silhouette does remarkably well at PNC (Print And Cut) and I can't imagine needing to print and cut anything larger than the Silhouette SD does. I am primarily a card maker but I do dabble with other things, especially vinyl, and have occasional had just "cut" files that were too large for the Silhouette SD. The Zing has a 14" wide cutting area and a LOT more cutting force. I will be able to cut fabric, felt, stencils, chipboard, etc. I'm looking forward to having more choices and options.

The other thing is that I can use Silhouette Studio on my Mac and Make-the-Cut, the software for the Zing, is not Mac-compatible. I would always prefer working on my Mac. I might install Parallels so I can run Windows on my Mac but haven't decided yet. First I need to get more memory for the Mac and my pocketbook is empty at the moment since I just had to buy a new Mac, the Zing and the new Kindle Fire.

More reports on the Zing in the future and possibly more Silhouette videos to come.

Fixing Awkward or Weird Joins When Welding Letters

Know I haven't posted in a while but been busy and no one had a question I could answer. Today someone posted on the Silhouette Yahoo Group about fixing some bad spots when welding some letters. It was specifically about welding Edwardian Script letters. The way to fix them is usually using node editing. The thought of the words "node editing" scares people off. You don't have to know tons about it to do these simple fixes to letter joins. A video will show how easy it can be. Video see it bigger watch directly on YouTube.