Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Good Day For a Video

Yes, here in the alleged "south" it is once again nasty. Started with rain, changed to sleet and now it's snowing. This winter has been incredible and not in a good way. Had several requests to do a video on kerning. I think I thought people knew what it was but the newest Silhouette Studio update has the option to turn kerning on or off. I vote for leaving it on. As a former typesetter, many years ago, kerning was something we did often. So here's all I could figure out to show or tell about kerning.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another YouTube Video

Had a question from someone about making a cut file from a graphic. It was a graphic with very poor resolution and she wanted to trace it but make the parts separate. I kept thinking about how to explain it in an email but ended up figuring out I needed to do a video. I often see people wanting to turn graphics into cut files so thought it might be of interest to others. This is one you need to watch in full screen mode because of some of the detail working with nodes that you won't see with the regular size YouTube screen.