Sunday, February 16, 2014

Videos, Videos

For a while I quit doing videos on the Silhouette/Cameo because the screen recording software I was using conflicted with a Mac OS update and every time I moved the mouse, the screen flashed. I checked a few months ago and it had been fixed…don't know if it was a Mac fix or a software fix. Now, I've found another screen recorder I really like. The one I was using had a maximum of five minutes and sometimes I just needed a few more seconds. The new one I'm using does not have a limit. I will admit there is a limit to how long I should be talking though!!!

When I first started doing YouTube instructional videos, no one else was doing them and there was a need for information. Now there are so many excellent YouTube tutorials I usually see no reason to do a video…but someone posted on YouTube asking me to do one on filling letters with patterns and making another color of border or outline…so I did that video tonight. I also did one last week on something but I am linking to the newest video here. If there is something specific you are having trouble with, post a comment and I'll see if I can figure it out and make a video.