Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stuff That's All Stuck Together

Have you ever opened a .png file with multiple objects and you figure you'll "ungroup" them...and, SURPRISE, they can't be ungrouped. You think you're just stuck with the entire thing or maybe a massive eraser job. You can actually cut the pieces apart using the knife tool and I decided a little video would be the perfect way to explain how to do this.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frames and Digital Paper

I know, nutty...no posts for a month and then two in one day. Got a call to explain how to make a frame for the front of a card and fill it with a particular digital paper. So, easier than explaining it, here's a video.

Font Things

I know it's been quite a while since I put anything on my blog...but I seem to have been busy. There are the card classes and then I took off for four days to spend with my sister taking some classes from Tim Holtz in the Kansas City area at a great shop - Stampers Ink.

Still in love with my Silhouette SD and continually playing with it and doing files for it. I saw someone ask a question about something on the Silhouette Users Yahoo group and thought it was hard to explain how to do what someone wanted to do so I made a quickie video. Basically she wanted to cut out a word from a candy wrapper and be able to put another color of paper underneath. The problem was, the centers of the letters are also cut out and you are left, like with the letter O, with a big round circle cut out and not the letter O. So this is a quick way to turn almost any font into a stencil font. You just have to get over any fear of messing with nodes!!!