Monday, May 23, 2011

All about sheep...and more sheep.

Was messing around with the sheep from Lettering Delights that are in the Nativity mini set. A friend had asked how hard it would be to just cut the head separately to pop it up on was oh so simple because I had redrawn the sheep in Illustrator so I could do it as a print and cut. Thinking I wanted to make a card NOW with the sheep and not wait for a Christmas card...I made two sheep cards.

The first one I wanted to make I wanted a special little embellishment with a "Thanks" message in it so I made a little oval with flowers at the end. Then I thought maybe others might be interested in how to make a quick embellishment so I did another video. Don't forget to click to watch it on YouTube so the screen is larger.

And here are the two sheep cards...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beginner Pixel Trace

Just between class and a doctor's appointment for my husband I got a "help" email from a friend who was having trouble tracing inside cut areas that she wanted. I grabbed a Lettering Delights image and opened "screenr" and threw together a quick video. This is very basic information but hopefully it can help someone. Don't forget to click on the video to watch it on YouTube for a clearer and bigger video screen.

After I posted the video I got the card made. I took the image (thanks to a friend's idea) into Photoshop and separated the mohawk hair and the guitar and made separate cutting files out of them. This is the card that I made. I also printed out a birthday message for inside the card. I popped the hair and the guitar up on popdots.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Rid of Stuff

Yes, another video. This is one way to use the eraser combined with the node tool to get rid of parts of a design. I'm hoping Lisa can maybe give me some more information on other ways to do this. I have very little experience with this software but I am one of those adventurous people who just keeps dinking around until I find a way to do what I want done.  I'm hoping for anyone with more information to chime in and maybe even do a video. The program I'm using is "recordr" and it is OH SO EASY. Anyway, I'm including the video and don't on it to watch it directly on YouTube so you can actually see the details.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Altering a PNG for Print and Cut

I know I already posted several videos today but I just couldn't help it. I got this cute little bear and was going to alter it and then I thought that maybe someone might not know how to do that. SO, had to alter it for a video. Remember to click on the video to see it on YouTube since seeing it in the blog strains your eyes as the picture is so small.

And, Yes, More About Text

I made this video for my friend, Sharry, to show how to make letters fatter. Sometimes you can find the right font but you just want it a bit thicker. Or you may actually just want a shadow for your letters. When playing with the shadow feature I ran into one little glitch where it welded some of the letters and I couldn't unweld them. This shows a workaround for getting them a lot fatter and not having them weld together. Another beginner video. The videos are very small within the blog so click in the middle and it will take you to YouTube where you can watch it and actually see the screen.

More on Lettering

This is the second video I had done for my friend so there is a personal reference...but it is just how to color your text to match graphics and how to make boxes for your text. These are some basic videos but I have several friends who are new to the Silhouette to basic information is a good thing. The videos are very small within the blog so click in the middle and it will take you to YouTube where you can watch it and actually see the screen.

Vertical Lettering Spacing

This is a redo of a video I did a few weeks ago and I removed the personal references since I originally did it for a friend. Since then I have been asked by quite a few people to make other videos and also to convert them to YouTube to make it easier to find them. So...this is not anything advanced but if you haven't played with letter spacing maybe you will find a hint you can use. The videos are very small within the blog so click in the middle and it will take you to YouTube where you can watch it and actually see the screen.

New Blog!

Yes, even though I have another blog that I seem not to post to very often...thought I needed a blog just about cutters and cutter software. For right now I'm probably going to mostly be posting videos about Silhouette Studio and the Silhouette cutter. I do happen to have others so you never know what will show up here I have been doing some quick little videos for a friend and then it sort of expanded into more videos. A lot of this information may be very basic but maybe you'll find a useful hint.