Monday, December 26, 2011

Free File for Silhouette Users

I've been doing quite a few files for my classes and for my own personal use and decided I would see if I could share one of them. This is a snowman card that hinges at the top. The inside message is printed on the snowman card itself and can easily be changed to whatever you want. The pieces can be used as a print and cut or could be separated and cut from different colors of card stock. Hope you enjoy! Hoping to post a Zing/MTC version in the next day or so. This file is a Silhouette Studio file. The snowman card on the right is the size of the file and the one on the left I just reduced all the parts to make it fit in a 3" square envelope.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Knife Tools

My friend, Sharry, just upgraded her Silhouette Studio to the Designer Edition and asked me about how the knife tool worked. The Designer Edition has a lot of options and is one of the things I use quite a bit. Some of the tools work just the same in the regular edition so this is relevant to how it works even if you don't have all the oddball cutting path options. Hope you learn something...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Adding Decorative Elements to a Border

Had another person on the Silhouette Yahoo Group with a new Cameo that needed some help in making borders for a tile. Decided it was video time again. I ended up making two videos because I talked too long. The "screenr" program I use is limited to five minutes and I had more to say so made a Part 2 video about adding things to borders. To do successful things with borders it is really important to grasp the concept of compound paths. My YouTube Video, Silhouette Studio SD 19, has a detailed explanation of how compound paths work. In the case of welding the decorative elements and/or dividers or lines to a border you have to be sure that all of the elements you are working with are compound paths. Anyway, here are two videos where I go on and on about it.