Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making a Background Template

It is really easy to make a simple template for polka dots or stripes and just keep the template in your Silhouette Library and grab it whenever you need to make a quick background to match something. I have six or seven templates I use. I have polka dots widely spaced (like shown in the video), I have closely spaced ones, a snowflake background and several striped backgrounds. It's just so handy to have them and it doesn't take that long to make up a template. You'll be glad you have them once you take the time to make some of them.


  1. Love your videos and all the little bloopers.......thank u for taking the time to make them :)

  2. Thaks for all the help. I love my new Cameo and have picked up a lot of tips here. I just wathced the video about backgrounds, when you say print do you mean cut the stripes of dots??

  3. Laurie...not sure what you mean. I just cut the rectangular outline with the printed dot "paper" inside the outline. It is just a method of making your own patterned paper from a template where you can change the colors quickly. Sorry I didn't answer sooner but I have been busy and hadn't checked for comments. Post again if you still have a question.

  4. Hi Margaret-Like your video's- I have learned alot from you. Keep on helping people on the silhouette users group- I have learned from your response to other's questions! Just wanted to let you know your knowledge is valued! Roberta

    1. Thanks Roberta...I haven't made any videos since I got my new Mac since the mouse seems to cause a problem with the videos....may try it again since it's been almost a year. Hope you are loving your Silhouette machine...I sure like mine a lot!