Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution - 2014

I have two blogs and my resolution is to post to them and share what is going on. I was pretty embarrassed to see that I last posted on this blog in January of last year. It's not that I haven't been going crazy with my cutters...just seemed have too many things to do with my card classes and starting my new machine quilting business.

I had been regularly posting YouTube videos about using the Silhouette but a MAC operating system update came along and it conflicted with the program I used to record the videos. I could record them but every move of the mouse caused a flash on the screen...really not fun to watch. Decided to find another program, which I never did, or see if a new update to the operating system of the Mac or to the program would happen. Finally in June I discovered I could do videos without the flashing and ended up doing two videos that friends requested. Haven't done any more videos because it seems like now there are so many people out there doing great tutorials that there isn't a real need for anything. If someone can't figure something out and asks, I am always glad to make a video on the subject.

I have made some changes. I finally bought myself a Silhouette Cameo (Merry Christmas to me) and have been using it for a few days. The first thing I did was make a "belated" Christmas card to send out. I ran out of handmade cards before Christmas so needed a little stack of these. My favorite thing to do is find images and make them into cutting files. I don't do a lot of other things but print and cut is my main use of my Silhouette.  Made this card from an image I found and had used it for a belated birthday card.

Rearranged my cutters and decided to sell my Zing and keep my old Pazzles Pro for cutting heavy duty things and engraving, etc. Hope if you have a cutter, you are using it to it's full potential. If you need help, post a message and I'll see what I can do.


  1. I'm more curious why you gave up your Zing for the cameo, either way, I disagree about videos. Even if you think others are doing a great job, it takes time for people to find them, where as you may have a following of people already who look to you when they need something. If your video is already made, then they may come here knowing you do them alot. :)

    1. Marian…I just didn't use the Zing. I love my Cameo and 90% of what I do is print and cut or vinyl and the Cameo does fine. I also have an old, old Pazzles Pro so I can cut huge stuff with heavy pressure if I have to. I will keep making videos when someone specifically asks me about something…but thanks for the advice.