Saturday, January 7, 2012


Another new person posted on the Make-the-Cut board about trying to do scans in Make-The-Cut that they were unable to do in Silhouette Studio. I have not done what was asked in Make-The-Cut but had done it in Silhouette Studio and had made a video several months ago and I referred her to it. Now the same person wants to know what to do when the line art or item you are scanning has gaps in the outline since that makes the trace very strange. If there aren't many gaps, it isn't hard to fix. If there are tons of gaps I personally would trace it out by hand using one of the node tools...but if there aren't too many gaps it is quick to fix and here is a video on how to do that.

NOTE: My original video had some weird flashing in it that I had no idea where it came from but I posted it since the lady who wanted the information was in a hurry...I deleted the video and it is reposted below without the weird mystery flashing.

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