Thursday, August 18, 2011

If You Have Make-the-Cut...Wow!

Watching a video on the newest features in the updated Make-the-Cut program something came up that, at first, I didn't see a need for. You can now export files as a raster image. Andy (the fabulous program developer) said it was not for print and cut but if you wanted to print the file. I was thinking...why would you want to do that. Then it occurred to me why I would want to export it as a raster file. Andy has programmed the ability to change the resolution and add a drop shadow, not just a drop shadow around the whole outside, but to add a drop shadow to the individual pieces of an SVG file and then export it as a PNG file. I own a zillion SVG files from Lettering Delights and My Scrap Chick (and other places) and I don't think of using them much since I am totally obsessed with the Silhouette and it's print and cut ability.

What came to me is that if I could export the files with drop shadows...I could then import them into Silhouette Studio and trace them quickly and have a single (adorable) file to print and cut rather than using the SVG for cutting all the elements separately out of different colors. I quickly switched to my PC (since MTC does not work on my Mac) and checked it out. It worked absolutely fabulously. I couldn't stand it. I called my friend Sharry and asked if she had time to learn to do it and we worked over the phone and I walked her through the process. Now I want everyone to try it out if you happen to be lucky enough to own Make-the-Cut and have a Silhouette. This is the best discovery I've made and I am SO grateful to Andy for this addition to an already great program.

The video is below. Go to YouTube to watch it in a larger format.

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